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public class Codingfy


public static void main(String[] args) {

System.out.println("We code!");



Mobile apps? Websites? That's what we do!

What we do


We create different projects, ranging from websites to full-fledged Android and iOS apps, including the magic that goes behind them, such as API's, interfaces, databases and so on.


We are always trying to use the most cutting edge and the best technologies. Though, sometimes, we will obviously use PHP (and there's quite a few PHP on this site as well).


We fine tune everything for speed and performance. But besides that, we trust customers like partners. And we never betray them or violate their privacy.

Our projects

Autofy - Your car manager

Autofy is our flagship app, designed from the ground up to be your car manager.

The app can record all sorts of basic information about the car, but it also keeps track of more advanced data such as the insurance, inspection, road tax, repairs, parsed distances and fuel refillings. Based on these, the app will schedule notifications to remind you when things are due and compute useful averages and graphs for you.

There are also timers that will help you time your car's performance (0-50 and 0-100km/h or 0-30 and 0-60mph acceleration times), and a driving companion that will record trips for you (speed, distance, average speed, etc). Also, using the app, you can pay your parking* or bridge tolls*, or perform vehicle checks*.

*available based on regional availability

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Brainify was developed specifically to train your brain and improve your skills. Currently, the games are available under four different categories: Speech training, focus, visual attention and math games.

Speech trainig employs advanced techniques such as Speech Recognition to help improve your speech. There is also an element of competition inside of the app, with the use of a Leaderboard that allows users to compete with one another.

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Gadget Protection

Gadget Protection is a platform which allows users to register their gadgets based on their serial numbers and report them if they stolen or lost. Then, potential buyers that find gadgets online can search their serial numbers on the platform and if a device has been reported, then the buyer can inform the rightful owner about where the product has been found.

Visit the platform here!

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Mentions of the apps


Something else to consider

Business opportunities

We are always open to new ideas and we can contribute to existing projects as well. To get in touch with us, feel free to use the form below or email us at [email protected]


We are located in the Europe region, so we usually work within the work hours that correspond to our location. But that doesn't stop us from working with anyone, nor from doing great work. We also speak git, so submitting and integrating our work is easy.

Contact Us

If you need help of just want to talk to us, don't hesiste to drop us a line using the form below. We are friendly :-)